Creating inclusive school communities

Our schools programme encompasses race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background – everything that creates a diverse world.  We believe inclusion initiatives should include everyone and so we have built a programme that considers the intersectional makeup of a school community.

We are here to help your school find out where to focus intentions and how to ensure these become impactful action.

We shouldn’t just want to improve our schools, we should aim to transform them

Schools Programme

We offer a holistic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion, with students firmly at the heart.  That being said, we believe in order to create meaningful, sustained change within a school community it is integral to include teachers, support teams, senior leaders, governors and families.

Our 6 Key Tenets are guiding principles for a successful strategy. Schools commit to this charter when partnering with Inclusion Labs and it is firmly embedded in our programme’s tools and processes.

Here is a breakdown of our schools programme:

Step 1: Survey

Our custom-built and comprehensive anonymous school community online survey.

This is an opportunity for every individual to express their honest views and experiences of being part of your school including if they think any inequalities exist (as pertains to race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion or belief, gender identity, ability/disability as well as socio-economic).

To be effective with your diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy it must be grounded in this data which should guide your approach as well as continuously measure the effectiveness of your work.

Step 2: Evaluation & Action Plan

Evaluation Presentation: Inclusion Labs will present a visual data report summarising the key findings of the survey.

Action Plan: We recommend priority impact areas, gleaned from the survey, that will form the first steps in your strategy.

By focusing your action plan, your school is able to execute and deliver impact in these initial areas, before moving on to the next set of priority areas.  All with the support and guidance of Inclusion Labs.

Step 3: Framework

Framework: we have created a custom framework which covers a wide range of potential impact areas across the whole value chain of a school.

It encourages schools to create strategies and initiatives that speak to their values and ethos, whilst setting challenging goals and taking thoughtful risks.

For some schools, processes and practices will be implemented from scratch, whilst others are able to build on any established work in this area.

Step 4: Community of Peers & Champions

Be a part of our community of purpose-aligned individuals, organisations and schools on a shared journey to inclusion – be at the table and join our movement as we create solutions together. Be open and willing to share ideas, successes and even setbacks – we are here to help you succeed.

Six Key Tenets

360° Approach

Every facet of a school is interconnected; therefore, we must encompass the whole school.

Expansive Perspective

We must embrace a balanced and broader view of diversity and inclusion.

Partner with Diverse Specialists

We must drive diversity into our schools.

Onus & Accountability

Advocacy is not enough. Schools must actively pursue change across every facet.

DEI Lead

This must be a visible, outward facing, leadership role, focusing your DEI lens across every facet.

Pupil-Centred Approach

At the heart of inclusion is every pupil’s educational, cultural and personal development.  They are integral to any strategy and must be first and foremost in any approach as well as included in any process.