Real change,
real outcomes

Inclusion Labs focuses on and measures our impact against four strategic outcomes that we believe will help us to effectively action and achieve our mission and vision.  They underpin every programme we develop and we interrogate what changes are needed within each outcome and how we can action them to deliver lasting impact.


What they are learning, how they are learning and who they are learning from? Are they diverse, are they equitable, are they inclusive?  Learning is perpetual and the systems, policies and processes under which every young person learns must evolve. Education is not just academia, it involves families, friends and surrounding communities. Ideas and attitudes all contribute to a young person’s learning, shaping their values and the way they interact with the world.


Every young person must have instant access to an inclusive community: environments that are reflective of our society and are inclusive of different identities.  We must dissect everyday situations, processes and behaviours, to ensure that any young person can fully participate in life whilst feeling valued, embraced and protected. Every space belongs to one and all; they have a right to take up that space and claim it as their own.


The right balance is to have Equity: the different elements of any setting in the correct proportions, removing any systemic disadvantages or barriers to thrive (the cause of inequity).  This ensures every young person has the support they need to be successful, by putting systems in place to guarantee an equal chance for success.  Fair and just outcomes for all to achieve their fullest potential.


Thoughts, attitudes and behaviour influence every young person’s standing in society. We are preparing them to be active participants in the world and a driving force for change, transforming them through awareness and understanding, relating to ideas, customs and social behaviours as well as the struggles of society. We must create opportunities for meaningful, positive interaction with marginalised communities both locally & globally – young people should not just hear about diversity, they need to experience it to be global citizens.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

We are in the decade of action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations, and Inclusion Labs is committed to connecting our programmes and desired outcomes (as well as our values, mission and strategic vision) with the values and goals of the agenda.  This affirms our belief that everyone must work together and that all societal issues are the responsibility of each and every one of us, no matter how small a part we play on the global stage.

Whilst we believe there is a part to play in all 17 SDGs, and we look to increasing our foothold across them and their respective targets, we currently align our programme with seven of the goals closest to our business impact: