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Decade of Diversity is a cross-industry coalition of organisations, individuals and schools committed to leveraging their individual and collective power to advance diversity and inclusion within the education system.

It is a campaign to create inspiration and action around two Decade of Diversity pledges, harnessing the power of collaboration in pursuit of a diverse and inclusive future for young people.  We are coordinating commitments to embed diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools and to accelerate the bold aims and outcomes of each pledge through action over the next 10 years.

The lack of diverse literature and leadership are decades-long issues and the progress required to move the needle is an urgent one that cannot be achieved in silo. No one individual or institution can carry this responsibility; it requires an all-hands-on deck approach, with various partners doing their bit, regardless of how large or small.

We were all children once and now we must work together to ensure every child thrives

25% Diverse Literature by 2030

Every young person deserves to experience literature that reflects their realities but also broadens their world to experience realities beyond their own.  It is about “Mirrors and Windows” – both are of equal importance in striving to create a more inclusive society.

Literature has a role to play in shaping their sense of self, their outlook and their understanding of the world around them.  Giving young people access to literature that connects with them ensures a sense of belonging and inclusivity.

Having a quarter of all literature be diverse means making headway towards real equity.

Diverse Governing Boards by 2030

Every school has young people with a diverse range of visible and non-visible identities and backgrounds. Yet, the people leading our schools do not reflect this diversity.

The people making decisions about our schools must reflect the communities they serve, as well as our wider society. By giving voice to all groups, we ensure that barriers are addressed and challenged. Furthermore, all young people deserve to see people like them in leadership positions, emphasising their value and protection as well as raising their aspirations.

Governing boards must lead by example, showing a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and acting as a catalyst for further representation across all levels throughout their school.

What we need now are more individuals with Lived Experience helping to lead the way.

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