Simply Told

Inclusion Labs is a purpose driven company creating impactful programmes that work towards achieving our mission and vision:

To embed diversity, equity and inclusion into every young person’s educational, cultural and personal development.  

The impact of which will cultivate awareness and activate investment in eliminating social inequality and injustice wherever they encounter it.

In a nutshell, “Educate to Activate”.

We have a bold vision, yet our programmes work towards four clear outcomes and the precise action needed within them to deliver lasting impact.

Our values drive us and are central to
everything we do:

We are youth-centred

We want to inspire every young person to embrace differences and take these lessons out into the world, whilst also understanding that at any given moment, there might be someone who needs this work to be done – whether it’s for support, for correction, or for education.

We are authentic

Being real through lived experience, building awareness and education around issues that have a negative impact on society.  We are dedicated to making any majority invested in the minority.

We are collaborative

We need lots of different champions working together, challenging the status quo, hell-bent on doing their part.

We are impactful

We cannot solve societal issues just by talking about them and having the best intentions. To make change happen we have to roll up our sleeves, get stuck in and demonstrate results. We are not afraid to look at the world with fresh eyes, challenge how it works and find new ways of doing things.

We are clear

We will work hard to deliver real solutions to tough problems – especially when it involves uncomfortable truths.  We will communicate clearly in a way that transcends age, background and DEI awareness.