Inclusion Labs

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Building An Inclusive Community
for us, by us.

We partner with schools to empower them to be active and accountable
in fostering diverse communities, inclusive of all.

We’re stronger together

Let’s turn intent into action

What Inclusion Labs offers is the hard work of any EDI journey. It requires a lot of bravery and then long labour to enact change. I’m convinced that Inclusion Labs is a powerful product which permits wholesale changes to a school to make it more inclusive.

So many people have been talking about it overnight and again this morning; you have helped make a real impact. As we said; not just a moment but the start of something significant.

The evaluation presentation in particular brought to light how some members/groups in our pupil community have been feeling, and many more people are now discussing the challenges faced by these groups - neurodivergent pupils, international pupils, pupils of faiths other than Christianity, for example. There is much more conversation and a flood of ideas/initiatives to support these groups and others.

Found out loads of details in the surveys which we weren’t expecting. Had expected race issues but found out info about LGBTQ+, neurodiversity and mental health – you covered so many areas so effectively.

It’s real insight and we can’t wait to continue to work with you.

I really feel that what we are doing, with your work, has given the staff body and SMT some concrete evidence to build changes.

The initial audit that we did with Inclusion Labs really opened our eyes to a lot of things and to see things that maybe we hadn’t thought of.

I absolutely believe in what you are doing and really think that you are making a difference.

It gave the full picture to our working group - they have gone away looking forward to being a part of our journey, ready to make meaningful change. Exciting times.

Our engagement with Inclusion Labs has been truly meaningful, with significant tangible outcomes, a feeling of real progress being made this year, and a sense of confident purpose and positivity as we look ahead to next year.